Dj Silver Knight


The Party Fanatic

DJ Silver Knight, also known as The Party Fanatic is one of Atlanta’s premier DJs, and if you have ever heard one of his sets, then you know why. Born in Detroit, MI, Silver Knight has become one of today’s in-demand DJs, as well as a fixture in the night life scene. His resume consists of traveling the world to play private parties, special engagements in clubs, and corporate events. It’s a guarantee that no matter what club or event he does, he is sure to have the party rocking until the sun comes up.

Whenever DJ Silver Knight does a party or event, the crowd always has a great time and leaves wanting more. Any event He spins, party goers show up not to be seen, but to hear Silver Knight tear up the dance floor. Just one listen and people are hooked by his creativity in mixing and blending the perfect songs, at the perfect time, mixed with incredible timing as a host on the microphone. DJ Silver Knight shows no sign of slowing down. One of his goals is to build his brand on a worldwide scale. The love and passion he has for his talent keeps his drive and hustle strong. There is nothing The Party Fanatic can’t handle.